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A Guide to the Cost of a South Africa Safari

safari tour of South Africa is one of the most thrilling and memorable holidays you’ll ever undertake. There are many factors that go into the cost of a safari – such as location, time of the year, activities required and level of comfort – but there are also some good rules of thumb to follow for your safari budget.

How much is a safari trip to South Africa?

  1. Package deals are not necessarily less expensive. A tailor-made safari is designed to suit your budget, allowing you to save and splash out where you feel it’s necessary. A package or scheduled departure tour locks you in to a specific itinerary and non-flexible price.
  2. The more privacy and exclusivity you desire, the more expensive it shall be. But you can still have a great safari in a less extravagant habitat – this is where our knowledge and experience is so important.
  3. South Africa remains one of the most affordable safari destinations thanks to a favourable rand-dollar exchange rate. South Africa is a fantastic option for first-timers to Africa and an excellent ‘introduction’ to safari. But it also offers rich rewards for seasoned safari goers.
  4. ‘Doing it yourself’ is not necessarily cost effective, or even possible. In many places, you need our specialised knowledge of light aircraft schedules, transfer companies and ground handlers for your itinerary. Please note that we have excellent rates from our suppliers which means we are able to pass some of it to you.  
  5. Using an agent gives you one ‘all-inclusive’ price. Your agent will have access to room availability, special deals and other factors that allow her to create an entire itinerary – with one cost so there are no ‘surprises’.
  6. One of the most cost-effective ways of seeing Africa is to do an overland trip. You spend a lot of time on the road and go as part of a group, but many overland tours offer satisfying accommodation in basic lodges and hotels.
  7. Private guided safari tours – due to covid people are moving away from big group or bus tours and opting to travel as couples, families and friends. The larger the group the less expensive it is per person. Having recently compared prices with my competitors I’m happy to say that our private tours are well below the average. 

This is the most cost effective way to tour in Southern Africa. We meet and greet you at your hotel and go through the itinerary in detail. Comprehensive maps, GPS (optional), brochures, vouchers and other necessary information will be handed to you. We are available for you 24/7 throughout your tour of Southern Africa. We can offer you our preferential rates on optional activities that might interest you


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