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20 Adventure Activities in South Africa and Victoria Falls

South Africa has some of the best adventure sports in the world, from diving to surfing to shark cage diving, sailing, wildlife tracking, snowboarding, mountain biking, paragliding, safari activities and much more.

South Africa has it all and we can tailor an adventure itinerary according to your interests. We are happy to offer you our preferential rates on activities that are of interest to you.


1. Great White Shark Cage diving, Gansbaai, Western Cape

You step into the cage with a full wetsuit and goggles on, attuning to the surroundings, looking out through the steel bars into the clear blue sea. deep blue for the hint of a shadow. The likelihood of encountering these razor-sharp teeth of a Great white shark sends shivers down your spine. You control your breathing, scanning the big blue, begging for its arrival. Suddenly a large shadow appears. The Great white’s approach is measured, cautious and becoming of an apex predator of such unimaginable beauty and stealth.

2. Drakensberg hiking trails, KwaZulu - Natal

Spanning for around 1200km, the Great Drakensberg massif offers some of the best hiking opportunities in the world. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site for its sheer awesomeness. Here can be found southern Africa’s highest peaks (3800m) and Drakensberg hiking trips offer something for everyone, like easy half-day hikes, multiple-day trips and climbs for those with the necessary experience and equipment.

3. Surfing at Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape

Super tubes, Tubes and Albatross. These 3 spots form one very exciting and tubular wave which when it’s on make one very long wave of almost 2 kilometers. Every June and July (winter) the pro circuit comes to town, and you are assured of watching brilliant surfing all the way down the point.

4. Walking Safaris, Southern Africa

Walking the wide, open savannah and bush veld with a professional safari guide is the greatest South African safari experience. The guide can point out the fauna and all creatures great and small. Overnight walking safaris give you an advanced understanding of the ecosystems and its flora and fauna. Of course, these safaris allow you to see the Big Five up close, something that you can’t experience in safari vehicles.  

“Look deep into nature and you will then truly understand.”

5. Bloukrans Bungy Experience, Garden Route

The Bloukrans Bungy is the world’s highest bungy jump. Situated in pristine ancient forest and surrounded by deep canyons, this is also the highest natural bungy jump in the World. The Bloukrans Bridge is 218 meters above the Bloukrans River. This activity ranks as one of the top adventures in the world.

6. Scuba diving, Sodwana Bay

There are many great sites for scuba diving in South Africa, and Sodwana Bay in KZN is the greatest of them all. Jump onto a dingy and head off to Two Mile Reef for an extraordinary display of tropical fish, turtles, dolphins, and coral reefs.

Other diving spots worthy of a mention include Shark Alley in Kwazulu-Natal, Avalanche Reef near Port Elizabeth, Storms River Mouth along the Garden Route, and A Frame near Simonstown in the Western Cape.

7. Abseiling from Table Mountain

If you have a craving for the extreme, then abseiling is perfect for you. Abseiling requires using specialized ropes, harnesses, and other safety equipment, to make a controlled descent down a rough and jagged cliff face. For beginners, this descent is usually very slow, nerve-wracking and always aided by the professionals.

Table Mountain lays claim to the world’s highest commercial abseil of 125m.

8. Orange River rafting adventure, Northern Cape

The mighty Orange river is situated in the Richterveld UNESCO world heritage site. Its green riverbanks against the tough rocky Richtersveld make for a dazzlingly beautiful landscape. An Orange River rafting adventure is rated the best entry level rafting adventure in South Africa.

The adventure down the mighty Orange towards its mouth in Alexandra Bay is usually 4 days, an outdoor adventure for the family and friends.

9. The longest over the ocean zipline in the world, Garden Route

Welcome to Mossel bay!  The Longest over the ocean zipline in the world! On arrival you will be taken through a safety briefing and fitted with all the safety gear. Then you will be transferred to the start for a once in a lifetime bucket list experience. Stretching over 1.2 km and situated 95m above sea level, you can expect extraordinary speeds of up to 90km per hour.

10. Ride an Ostrich, Oudshoorn

How many people can say they’ve ridden an ostrich? If you visit Oudshoorn in the Little Karoo, and if you are up for the challenge, you can ride an ostrich and perhaps even take part in an “Ostrich Derby”.

11. Cango Caves adventure tour

Oudshoorn is also famous for the Cango Caves, one of the largest, longest, and most beautiful cave systems in the world. The adventure tour is led by experienced, knowledgeable, and accredited Cave Guides.

12. Surfing, Muizenberg

Surfing is a very special experience that is considered both an art form and an athletic pursuit. It is a way of life that keeps you fit, healthy, stress-free and happy. Surfing might seem daunting to beginners. We make it easy. Many of our students have taken a couple of lessons, become hooked and then buy their own board and wetsuit – and never look back!

13. Skydiving, Durban

Durban is blessed with beautiful aerial views and unarguably the best way to see this for yourself is by taking a tandem skydive at the Durban Skydive Center. If you want to go solo, you can take courses, which will take a little longer. But for tandem skydivers, there’s a 15-minute briefing session beforehand and then you are taken up to about 10,000ft before exiting the plane for a 40-minute free-fall jump. The parachute is deployed at 5,000ft and the canopy ride lasts about six minutes.

14. Power Boating

South Africa’s substantial rivers, coastlines and dams provide the ideal playground for power boating enthusiasts.

The thrill as you power across the water has in recent times attracted a big following. On the ocean, power boating offers you the opportunity to spot marine life like seals, dolphins, and whales. No matter where you decide to boat, you are sure to be out in nature

15. Hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning in South Africa is the best way to take in the landscapes, vineyards and watch wildlife from above. It is truly a magical experience; hot air ballooning is one of the oldest forms of flight known to man.

16. Sea Kayaking

Kayaking in South Africa offers a great opportunity to explore the beautiful coast and discover a multitude of marine life from a safe and stable craft. On a good day you can get right up to dolphins, seals, whales and more.

17. Motorcycle Tours, Southern Africa

Riding a motorbike is an exciting adventure experience. South Africa has spectacular scenery and off the beaten track routes. We can tailor your trip to accommodate the time you have available and places you are interested in.

The following is usually included in the tour price: an experienced guide, vehicle for luggage and spares, meals, accommodation, and activities along the way.

18. Victoria Falls helicopter flight, Zimbabwe

Experience a bird’s eye view of the magnificent Victoria Falls, Zambezi River and Batoka Gorge on an epic Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight.

A helicopter flight over the mighty Victoria Falls is a once in a lifetime bucket list opportunity. The sight of the thundering falls from above will leave you breathless. Fly above the soaring wall of mist created by the Victoria Falls and be captivated as you witness the world’s largest sheet of falling water. don’t forget to take as many photos as you like, this is the opportunity.

19. Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls

Devils Pool is close to the renowned Livingstone Island situated right on the edge of the Victoria Falls. You can enjoy an invigorating swim to the edge, and peer over the falls.

20. White water rafting on the mighty Zambezi, Victoria Falls

Take on the largest white water rafting in the world. This is the most thrilling and exhilarating adrenaline-fuelled rafting adventure on earth. The rafting guides are the best in the business, and no one can match their unsurpassed knowledge and experience.

I’m happy to say that our private guided safaris offer unbeatable value. We are owner/guides, which means you shall experience Africa with a dedicated and enthusiastic team.  Call Craig +27 (0)820917983