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Private Game Reserves vs National Parks

The decision to safari in South Africa’s Great National Parks, or in a Private Game Reserve, or perhaps a combination of both, is where we at Southern African Tours play the crucial role of planning your safari holiday.  

The Essential Difference

The difference between private game reserves and national parks comes down to ownership, management, and the safari experience they offer.

National Parks - government owned and managed

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of the world’s greatest game viewing destinations. Where all of Africa’s legendary safari species; leopard, rhino, lion, buffalo, hippo, cheetah, crocodile, giraffe, and zebra roam free. It is the domain of 150 mammal, 200 reptile and 623 bird species.

National parks have designated opening and closing times, which limits people staying outside the park to daytime game viewing. However, if you are staying inside the park, “after hour” safari activities are available and managed by the park.

Cheetah - Kruger National Park - South Africa

Private Game Reserves – privately owned and managed

Privately managed game reserves play a crucial role in conservation. South Africa has 515 private game reserves, each offering unique safari lodges, wildlife experiences, stunning landscapes, and rich floral biospheres.

Private game reserves have few limitations, so walking safaris, nocturnal game drives, rhino and cheetah tracking, bush dining, stargazing and other unique experiential activities are available.

Impala - Game Reserve - South Africa

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