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How expensive is a Southern African safari?

Going on an African safari is something that many people dream of. The initial question many people ask is, “What will it cost to go on an African safari?” The good news is that an African safari doesn’t have to be expensive. A safari can be surprisingly affordable depending on your destination, the time of year you travel, the number of stops on your itinerary, and your choice of accommodation.

Understanding what factors contribute to the cost of an African safari will allow you to make an informed decision about what type of African safari itinerary is best suited to your budget, interests, and expectations. As with most things, you get what you pay for. However, affordability does not always mean low quality.

How expensive is an African safari? As a rough guideline, you can expect to pay anything from USD 195 per person per day up to US$2,300 per person per day. It all depends on when and where you go.

A guideline to the cost of a Southern African safari tour

There are several attractive features to a Southern African safari. Excellent game-viewing aside, it’s easy to combine two or three Southern African countries in one safari itinerary. Southern Africa is home to Africa’s least expensive and most expensive safari destinations—South Africa and Botswana, respectively.

Impala - Game Reserve - South Africa

How expensive is a South African safari?

South Africa is the least expensive safari destination and one of the few countries in Africa where it’s possible to enjoy luxury lodges without breaking the bank. With good l year-round game viewing, the time of year you go on safari in South Africa impacts less on the cost of a safari than your choice of accommodation. The attractive exchange rate provides value for money to safari-goers who earn hard currencies.

What does a mid-range safari cost in South Africa? Prices for mid-range safari lodges range from around USD 360 to USD 700 per person, which would be considered a budget in East Africa and Botswana. This is fantastic value for money when you look at what is included in the price and how high safari lodge standards and service levels in South Africa are. Most of the lodges in this price range are luxury five-star lodges.

South Africa boasts some of the best luxury lodges in Africa. At the higher end of the market, prices range from around USD 690 to USD 1900 per person per night. Safari goers looking for the ultimate luxury safari experience are spoilt for choice. The famous Sabi Sand Nature Reserve, renowned for its consistent leopard sightings, has an abundance of award-winning luxury safari lodges. These lodges offer opulent accommodation, fine dining, and unmatched game viewing, providing guests with the ultimate luxury safari experience.

How expensive is a Namibian safari?

Namibia is enormous and remote. It can be an affordable safari destination depending on your mode of transport between camps, the time of year you travel, the type of lodges you choose, and their remoteness. 

When it comes to a safari, the more exclusive and remote your destination, the more you shall pay. Many lodges can only be reached by fly-in which increases operating costs. High-end safari lodges more often include the local community and center on ecotourism programs which carry additional fees. 

For those wanting to explore more of what Namibia has to offer but don’t have the budget for a private fly-in safari, joining a small-group safari tour that takes you to the country’s iconic places and adventure highlights is a great option. Namibia is a high-demand destination, and accommodation in high season is limited. I recommend booking months in advance.

How expensive is a Botswana safari?

Botswana has chosen a lucrative, low-volume, low-impact approach to safari tourism. Botswana is the most expensive safari destination in the world, with most safari camps priced between USD 900 and USD 2600 per person per night in high season. So if you’re looking for an economical, budget-friendly safari, South Africa is the best option.

In Botswana, lodges are remote and can only be reached by light aircraft or an effortful 4×4 journey. This impacts the cost of running a high-end safari lodge. High running costs, expensive concession fees, and the need for light aircraft charter flights to get to and from many safari camps help to explain why a typical fly-in safari in Botswana costs so much.

Botswana offers probably the most secluded and exclusive African safaris. Other factors that affect the price of a Botswana safari are the type of safari you book and time of year you visit, 

Botswana has 3 seasons. Prices are at their lowest in the Green Season from December to April, when many mid-range safari camps cost around USD 530 per person per night, and top-end camps cost in the region of USD 900 per person per night. At this time of year, animals give birth, and the landscape transforms into a lush paradise for birders, tree lovers, and photographers.

Shoulder Season typically runs from May to July and peak season in Botswana is from August to November. The price difference between the green season and the peak season is considerable.

If you are on a budget, speak to us about how to take advantage of more competitive pricing.

How expensive is a Zambian safari?

Zambia is one of Africa’s true pristine safari destinations, with the best walking safaris in Africa. The country’s great game fields are remote and uncrowded, and safari camps in Zambia are small and exclusive. This factors into the price of a Zambian safari, making Zambia a relatively expensive destination.

Many camps close in the rainy season from November to April. The industry caters to discerning safari-goers looking for an intimate and authentic African safari.

Four-star safari accommodation costs around USD 800 to USD 900 per person per night in the low season and around USD 1000 in the high season. Accommodation in a luxury lodge costs USD 1250 to USD 1500 per person per night in the low season and can increase to around USD 1900 in the high season.

If you’re going on a safari in Zambia between July and September, we recommend 2 or 3 nights in Victoria Falls. With perhaps a sunset cruise on the Mighty Zambezi River, bungee jumping, white water rafting, swimming in Devil’s Pool which is right on the edge of the Falls, and a Helicopter flip over the Falls. 

*We are happy to recommend and book optional activities for you throughout your safari holiday at our generous preferential rates!  

My favorite national parks in Zambia include South Luangwa National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park, and Kafue National Park. Most safari lodges are luxury and you would need to fly in. Prices start from USD 680 per person per night. 

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How expensive is a Zimbabwe safari?

Zimbabwe, like South Africa, is not only a safari destination. Zimbabwe is best known for Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World”. Most travelers only fly in to visit Victoria Falls, as it combines well with a safari in South Africa and Botswana.

However, Zimbabwe has some of the best game reserves in Africa, and you can easily spend a week or two on safari in Zimbabwe and see plenty of wildlife including the critically endangered black rhino and wild dog.

Zimbabwe is one of my favorite safari destinations. The country’s vast, remote wildlife regions provide an uncrowded and unspoiled safari experience. It offers some of Africa’s best game-viewing and photographic opportunities on land, on water, and on foot. Its people are friendly and welcoming. A Zimbabwe safari remains reasonably priced.

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