Introducing people to Africa is a privilege. We’re passionate about the treasures and lessons of Southern Africa. Our connections have deepened over the years, enabling us to offer private & exclusive African tours to places that are hard to find on your own. We bring you closer to the wildlife, guided by experts who have studied this land for decades. Enjoy a personalized adventure with guides, researchers, outfitters, lodge and camp staff, and community groups renowned for their knowledge, celebrated for their commitment to Africa’s future, and warmly appreciated for their close attention to every traveller’s interests and needs.

Private Guided Tours
 – Because we are “hands on” owner guides Gerry, Gareth, or I shall be your host and guide on many of the guided safari tours.

Self-Drives – We meet and greet you at the airport, offer you an introductory tour of the region, or simply go through the itinerary with you in detail either at the hotel or airport. Comprehensive maps, relevant literature, brochures, and vouchers will be handed to you. We are available 24/7 throughout your tour of Southern Africa.

Southern African Tours is a member of SATSA (No: 2160) which means that any deposit you pay to us comes with a third-party financial guarantee.

*We are happy to recommend and book optional activities for you throughout your exclusive holiday at our preferential rates!



Best Times to Visit South Africa for Activities

The best time to visit South Africa on safari is from April to October. The water sources are drying up which means animals including predators (lion, leopard, wild dog, and cheetah) congregate around water holes making for excellent sightings. Predators are more active, thus increasing your chance to see them and potentially a kill. Foliage in the bushveld is sparse making viewing easier.

Birding South Africa


8 Advantages of Booking Private Safaris in Africa

Are private safari tours a safe travel option for Southern Africa? Yes! Private travel in Africa is definitely safer than public or shared big group travel. That’s why more and more travelers are booking private tours to create safe travel bubbles. The days of big group bus tours are over!

Due to the global epidemic, travel safety has become more very important. Travelers are very keen to get back out there. But, we are finding that our clients are looking for the safest travel options because of COVID-19.

10 Safari Tips for First Timers


Family Holidays & Safaris in South Africa

Going on a safari with children is a life-changing experience. The landscape is one huge outdoor classroom and safari guides will be one of the most inspiring teachers your kids ever have.

Children aged eight and up will gain the most from a safari holiday,  journeys can be long, and 5am games drive chilly. Bush walks may be limited to those over 12, so do check with your tour operator.

Rhinos in Botswana


16 Reasons to do a self - drive tour in South Africa

There’s nothing quite like exploring Southern Africa at your own pace and in your own time. While most safari packages adhere to a predetermined itinerary, a self-drive safari is where you get to take control.

Self-Drive Holidays & Safaris in Southern Africa

We have designed each trip carefully picking only the most suitable routes, lodges and activities depending on your style and choice of travel.


Travelers are expertly escorted by either Craig Lucke or Gerard Maritz. Our ethos is “the guide is the difference between an average or a great tour”.


Explore Southern Africa at your own pace and create your own itinerary each day. Our safari tour consultants suggest your routing, book your accommodation but in the end, you decide how you spend your time.

Our safari tour guides meet and greet you and offer an introductory tour of Cape Town. Comprehensive maps, GPS (optional), brochures, vouchers and all the necessary information will be handed to you. We are available to you 24/7 throughout your tour of Southern Africa.


Your personal travel ideas are being taken care of by our safari specialists including transfers between your destinations, activities, dinner bookings and suggestions of a once -in-a-lifetime African safari.

Any optional activities you might be interested in shall be offered to you at our preferential rates, discounted at around 12%. These include: Helicopter trips, hot air ballooning, boat cruises, shark cage diving, whale cruises and more.

We are SATSA bonded. This binds us to a strict code of ethics and certifies that we have complied with the necessary legal and insurance requirements.


Botswana, officially the Republic of Botswana, is a landlocked country located in South Africa and provides a wide variety of self-drive safaris, comparable in size to Madagascar or France, straddling the tropic of Capricorn and covering about 58 6000 km , of which…



Namibia, one of the world’s last true wilderness areas is vast, fifth largest country in Africa and larger than France and Great Britain combined. It is famed for its immense landscapes that are devoid of people…

namibia southern african tours


If you could visit only one African country, South Africa self-drive tours and safaris should be your first choice. The natural and cultural diversity, as well as the authenticity of the African people, combined with the sophistication and comfort of European influence, gives an absolutely unique atmosphere

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