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8 Advantages of Booking Private Safaris in Africa

Travel Southern Africa Safely on Private Safari Tours

Are private safari tours a safe travel option for Southern Africa? Yes! Private travel in Africa is definitely safer than public or shared big group travel. That’s why more and more travelers are booking private tours to create safe travel bubbles. The days of big group bus tours are over!

Due to the global epidemic, travel safety has become more very important. Travelers are very keen to get back out there. But, we are finding that our clients are looking for the safest travel options because of COVID-19.

That’s why private travel is set to be a major trend going forward. It makes sense because traveling privately offers a safer alternative to big group travel in South Africa and elsewhere.

Rhinos in Botswana

Private Guided African travel experiences

Not only are private tours safer, but they are also an exclusive and genuine way to experience Africa.

But, aren't private tours of Africa expensive?

Not all private tours are designed for upmarket travelers with loads of cash. There are many inexpensive private tours and safaris in Africa for budget to midrange travelers!

I’m happy to say that our private guided safaris offer unbeatable value. We are owner/guides, which means you shall experience Africa with a dedicated and enthusiastic team.  Call Craig +27 (0)820917983

Private game reserve safaris

In Southern Africa, private safaris are becoming very popular. Over recent years, private safari travel has become far more sort after and affordable. Private tours offer advantages worth seizing, especially when employing a smaller family type operator. They tend to be more “hands on”, nursing their business like a baby, and are often owner/guides, which means you are assured of a unique, personal and dedicated experience. 

Ask to chat to your guide online so that you can get to know him or her before your safari commences. Big operators don’t offer this service.

1.Private Safari Travel is Safer

Traveling in your own group or with your family is a great way to create a safe travel bubble. It enables you to journey safely during the pandemic by minimizing your contact with others and thus lessening the risk of contracting Coronavirus.

On a private safari tour you have your own vehicles for safaris, tours and transfers. You don’t share vehicles on game drives, you can even book safari lodges and camps exclusively (for your group). Private safaris are serviced by a limited number of staff members who prioritize your safety.

Many of our private tours explore large areas, especially of South Africa and Namibia, with anything from one to six weeks on tour. Getting to know your guide prior to your tour is sacrosanct!

Our travel partners (lodges, tour companies and activity providers) have gone to extreme efforts to ensure that they provide safe environments for guests.

In short, booking a private safari diminishes the risks of contagion and is more affordable than you might think!

2. Private Safari Tours offer Excellent Value for Money

Private tours offer excellent value for money. Especially given the flexibility, privacy and excellent guides you get to enjoy on your journey. We are often able to match or beat big group tour prices, allow us to give you a quote.

If you are on a budget note that the larger your group is the more affordable private safaris become. Booking a private group tour for eight people is less expensive per person than booking for a smaller group of four, for example. Get your friends and family together for a once-in-a-lifetime private African safari, at very competitive prices!

We are happy to offer you our preferential rates on optional activities that are of interest to you.

3. Private Safaris are Exclusive

Private safaris give you more exclusivity because you don’t travel in a group with others. This means there won’t be any strangers on your private tour, it’s only for you!.

4. Private Safaris are Relaxed

You don’t need to constantly think about social distancing and sanitizing all the time when you are traveling in the safety of your own private group. Of course, everyone still needs to be careful – but you can relax knowing that your exposure to Covid -19 is limited.

5. Private Tours offer Greater Flexibility

When you’re traveling in a private group your trip can be adapted to suit your needs and desires.

You can make changes along the way, based on your group’s preferences, and subject to any logistical constraints. If you’re a twitcher or adrenalin junkie, then you can indulge in more of those, for instance. If you want to spend more time at a particular game sighting, you can!

6. Private Safari Tours are Customizable

One of the biggest bonuses of private tours is that they can be tailored to suit your desires and needs. You can tailor your ideal travel experience, be it safari, adventure, a romantic getaway or family holiday.

You can combine surfing with game drives or white water rafting, and safari walks or cultural outings with adventure activities. Just tell us what your interests are and we’ll tailor a private safari tour for you and your party. There is an abundance of incredible possibilities, so bring your wish list and we’ll design your ultimate trip.

7. Remote Destinations & Uncrowded African Travel Experiences

Africa is dotted with getaways and remote hideaways hidden away in the middle of nowhere. On private tours, you get the ultimate secluded travel experience at South Africa’s remote safari destinations.

Whether you head out into the pristine bush or remote desert or untamed Okavango delta, you’ll have plenty of space to absorb the tranquility and bliss. You can truly escape and take a break from civilization!

8. More Personalized Service on Private Safari Tours

On private tours, your group shall get undivided attention. The staff and guides are able to provide a more personal service to private groups because the number of guests is limited.

Your guide can dedicate his attention to you, and really get into the essentials of the wild animals and habitats you explore. You’ll find that there is more time and space for acquiring an insight into nature, wildlife, culture and history of the region.

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